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A ship radio licence

A Polish ship radio licence is given for maximum 10 years.

A person (an owner of a ship) or a company (operator of a ship) has to fill out an application form and, together with attachments listed below, send it by registered post or courier services to:              

Urząd Komunikacji Elektronicznej
ul. Giełdowa 7/9
01-211 Warszawa

All required documents you are sending to us MUST be in PAPER FORM (copies or the originals as per list below). We do not accept copies of an application and attachments sent as  an email.

The following attachments MUST be included:

Official Ship Radio Licence application form filled and hand signed by the owner or the operator of the ship (autorized representative of the company).

If you are an appointed representative of the ship's owner then you are required to hand sign the application form not the owner of the ship (if you applying for licence on behalf of other party please see notes below)

  1. If you applying on behalf of the ship’s owner Power Of Attorney document (POA) clearly stating the particulars of both parties (the owner and the appointed representative) and the subject of appointment (i.e. to represent the owner before UKE in the process of applying for Ship Radio Licence) please note that additional payment will be required – see information below.
  2. Copy of CE Declaration of Conformity for ALL radio equipment listed in the application form (this usually can be obtained from the manufacturer or the distributor of your radio equipment)
  3. Copy of valid personal radio operator licence/certificate issued to the applicant  (not to any other person) if an applicant is a private individual  OR (if the applicant is a ship’s operator) valid personal radio operator licence issued to a person appointed by the ship’s operator.
  4. Copy of Certificate of Sea-Going Yacht issued by PZŻ (Polish Yachting Association)
  5. Proof of payment (copy of bank transfer) of 82 PLN to:

Urząd Miasta Stołecznego Warszawy,

Bank account number:  PL 21 1030 1508 0000 0005 5000 0070

(note on the transfer document must be saying: POZWOLENIE RADIOWE and the name of the vessel).
Payments in other currencies will not be accepted.

  1. If you applying on behalf of the ship’s owner and attaching Power Of Attorney (POA) document then you are required to pay additional fee of 17PLN so the proof of payment (see above) should be for 99 PLN (82 + 17).
    Payments in other currencies will not be accepted.

In accordance to Polish government regulations it should take up to 6 weeks to issue you with your Ship Radio Licence (providing that all documents we received from you in paper form meet the above mentioned requirements).
Should you have any questions concerning the Ship Radio Licence application process please do not hesitate to contact us via email: 


If your Ship Radio Licence covers EPIRB equipment than, after receiving a licence from us, you MUST register your EPIRB with SAR department of  Polish Civil Aviation Authorities (link provided


UKE has put in place all appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data and to prevent any unauthorised or unlawful processing and any accidental loss, destruction or damage to it.

For all information concerning Data Protection at UKE please refer to

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